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Trade Finance & Supply Chain Financing

We aim to help businesses grow and expand international and domestic sales channels. With our relationships with finance companies, we help in short-term financing solutions such as asset-based lending, supply chain financial and purchase order financing. 

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Volatility in the regulatory landscape has deeply impacted financial and risk management practices. New regulations have created new complexities, high implementation costs and an increase in risk reporting.  Our advisory services can provide solutions to reduce the risk in areas impacted by regulations.

Treasury, Bank Relations & Financial Management

As part of the optimization of corporate treasury management, our team offers services in the transformation of the key treasury functions, including but not limited to the following areas – payment management, bank interaction, placement of available funds, debt financing, planning and forecasting, etc.



Vias Wine

Provided a full review of corporate governance and risk assessment. Developed and implemented policies and frameworks for U.S. regulation and compliance. Completed a review of the company's finance function and assessed its financial position.

Finance Montreal

Appointed as U.S. Representative. Assisted in building relationships with U.S. and foreign banks operating in the U.S. Also provided support in implementation of Finance Montreal's strategic plans in the U.S.


Provided a full review of finance risk, trade finance/supply chain risk, operational risk, strategic & credit risk tied to consumer goods/retail sector.




Serge Sondak is the Chief Executive Officer of Gloren Consulting. He has over 35 years of commercial banking expertise, including 22 years of senior management experience. Prior to founding Gloren Consulting, Serge served as General Manager of National Bank of Canada where he led all U.S. banking activities, and Deputy General Manager at Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, where, in addition to his management, he served as Head of Corporate Banking & Financial Institutions. 



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